FastVDO's SmartCapture™ Pro is the world’s first and smallest USB based capture and H.264/AAC encoder hardware with live streaming

SmartCapture™ Pro captures NTSC or PAL video and analog stereo audio (L/R), digitizes and compresses the video/audio data using the latest video and audio encoding (H.264/AAC) and patented* technologies to deliver high quality multimedia at low bit rates. Captured and compressed media streams are delivered to the PC/laptop/single board computer through USB interface for storage or live streaming. While having a portable form-factor and using very low power, SmartCapture™ Pro allows encoding at various bitrates and interfaces with a broad spectrum of AV sources. SmartCapture™ Pro Content creation, content repurposing, field acquisition, surveillance, news gathering, and a host of applications are now available in a compact, cost-effective form. SmartCapture™ Pro design is flexible and customizable to various interfaces and connectors.

This versatile device serves multiple functions apart from capture, encoding and streaming:

*Patents: US 6421464, US RE40081, Pending: 20080117966

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