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FastVDO is committed to advancing video technology to deliver capabilities that surpass the expectations of the end consumer. As the leading provider of software based MPEG4/H.264 video solutions specifically tailored for handheld devices, FastVDO provides cost-effective and best-suited technology based business solutions to our customers that enable them to achieve measurable improvements in their business performance.

Adding to our comprehensive range of leading software video technology, FastVDO has tested and proved a highly optimized CODEC on ARM available for H.264 playback in Symbian OS. At the heart of the reference design is the ARM9TDMI processor incorporating an embedded CODEC. This decoder is optimized using assembly apart from optimized C/C++ solution offering distinct advantages that enhance compression performance and video quality. Our solution supports series 60 mobile phones for video playback.

The decoder is H.264 / AVC Baseline profile compatible and has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of multimedia streaming and TV applications in mobile handsets. Supporting playback resolutions of QCIF up to 15 frames per second. FastVDO’s CODEC delivers the required performance and power savings for the emergent applications such as mobile TV.

View the video demonstration of FastVDO’s decoder on Nokia 6600 mobile

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Power your SERIES-60 Mobile phone with FastVDO's H.264 decoder

FastVDO's H.264 decoder can be ported to any mobile device with SERIES-60 support. To view a demonstration on your SERIES-60 mobile phone, download the FvDec.sis installation file and follow the installation guide.


Installer File     

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Installation Guide   

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Features of FastVDO’s ARM CODEC implementation

  Encoder Decoder
Input YUV 420 planar ISO/IEC 14496-10 compliant H.264 Base Line video stream/ NALU
Output ISO/IEC 14496-10 compliant H.264 Base Line video stream YUV 420 planar/24-bit /16-bit RGB
Frame Size Up to QCIF Up to QCIF
Memory 55 + 45 X (# of Ref. frames+ 1) KB 20 + 45 X (# of Ref. frames+ 1) KB
MCPS* 185 (for 15fps @ 32kbps*) 43 (for 15fps @ 32kbps*)


Symbian OS 6.0, Series 60 Symbian OS 6.0, Series 60




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