SmartCapture Pro : USB Based H.264/AAC encoder device

- Low latency, real-time Encoding

- Digitizing, resizing and compression

- H.264 and AAC Standards compliant

- Low power (less than 1 W)

- Light weight (0.3 oz/ 9 gm)

- Small form factor (70X20X10 mm)

- Convenient USB interface

- Easy APIs and customizable design

- Bit rates: 32 kbps to 4 Mbps

- Frame size: 160X112 up to 720X576

- Metadata and CC support



What they say...

"It's the perfect tool for monitoring acquisition on a laptop. It makes a very useful gadget in a camera package."

Paul Hurteau

MTL Video, Montreal, Canada


"We have been looking for this product at NAB for the last several years.... The idea to make this product was just the right thing to do."

Robert Malzan

UID, Dusseldorf, Germany

"SmartCapture™ - USB video capture hardware will help escalate portable live broadcasting through PCs laptops and other devices accepting USB."

Gregory Demetriades

Chairman & CEO, WhiteBlox

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