SmartCapture Pro: Downloads


Drivers and Software for Windows


Documents and user Manuals

Drivers and SmartPlayer for WinXP/Vista - Download v1.0


cmd line tools available on request

Old Versions

Download v0.67b



    Product brief

    Product Charts

    User Manual for Windows


Drivers and Software for Linux


Sample video Clips

Drivers and Terminal application - Download v2.2

(For kernel 2.6.x on Suse, Fedora Redhat, Debian and Ubuntu ) 

v2.1 Updated 04/03/2009

1. Configurable TTL for multicast

2. RTP Streaming and MP4 recording

3. MPEG-TS streaming and recording

4. Optimized for high bitrate streaming


ARM versions available on request

Old Versions

Download v2.1

Download v2.0

Download v1.0



Software for Mac

Terminal Application - Download v1.0

  Sample clips encoded with SmartCapture Pro

    160X112@64kbps   (1 MB)

    320X240@256kbps (5 MB)

    320X240@512kbps (9 MB)

    640X480@2Mbps    (34 MB)