FastVDO's SmartCast: Video capture, H.264/AAC encoder and live streaming device

With SmartCast a host of applications with Live video streaming is now possible in a compact, cost-effective form. SmartCast design is rugged, flexible and customizable to various networks, interfaces and content. SmartCast captures composite NTSC/PAL video and stereo audio, and compresses it using the latest encoding (H.264/AAC) and patented* technologies to deliver high quality multimedia at low bit rates. Compressed video/audio can be streamed live over an Ethernet interface or recorded to an SD card in multiple formats. While having a portable form-factor and using very low power, SmartCast allows encoding at various bitrates. This versatile device features:


High quality encoding: Advanced video (H.264) and audio coding (AAC) provides high quality encoding at low bitrates saving bandwidth without compromising quality in live streaming applications .


Complete configurability: Supports Full D1 resolution encoding with option to resize video from 160X120 up to 720X480/576. You can capture or stream video only or audio only data. SmartCast can be configured to start streaming on power-up.


Wide bit-rate range: SmartCast offers encoding at bitrates from 32 kbps up to 4 Mbps to meet the various uplink speeds from cellular to fiber and anything in between. Simultaneous encode and stream up to 2 independent channels


Remote management: SmartCast offers Unparalleled ease of management with  FastVDO’s Control Center. You can login to your account and securely set parameters and control streaming on all the SmartCasts you own from anywhere without any static IP or firewall setups.


Multiple Streaming formats: SmartCast offers elementary and MPEG-TS streams in RTP/UDP Compatible with Wowza media server and Apple Darwin server. H.264 and AAC streams are compatible to play in Flash player, VLC, Quicktime and others.


Record to SDcard: SmartCast also offers recording the live stream to an SD card for VoD applications after the live sessions. You can save the stream in MP4 or MPEG-TS file formats


With smartCast live video Streaming is as easy as 1. 2. 3...

1. Connect the box to your router with the Ethernet cable (provided)

2. Connect the audio video source to the box with the RCA cable (provided)

3. Connect the power supply (provided) and you are ready to stream live!!


*Patents: US 6421464, US RE40081, Pending: 20080117966


Security / Surveillance

  - Unmanned vehicles

  - Covert operations

  - Law Enforcement

  - Traffic Management

Events / News

  - News gathering

  - Press conferences

  - Sports events

  - Church gatherings

  - Live shows/concerts

  - Webinars/conferences

Education / Business

  - Distance learning

  - Sports and games

  - Parties and events

  - Online Radio and IPTV

  - Business meetings

  - Night clubs

 Hotels / Conventions

  - Meeting halls

  - Conventions / conferences

  - Weddings and occasions