FV264: FastVDO's hardware H.264 / AVC decoder IP core



  • ISO/IEC 14496 (MPEG-4) part-10 /

          ITU-T Rec H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC


  • Baseline / Main

Input stream format

  • H.264/AVC compliant video stream

Output video format

  • YUV 4:2:0 planar

  • ITU 656

Target SOC

  • Multimedia processors

  • Mobile phones, handhelds

  • Set-top boxes, DVR

  • Graphics cards, video accelerators


  • IP core is prototyped on Xilinx Virtex4 FPGA based board.


  • Complete Hardware implementation

  • No DSP or processors

  • Low cost

  • Low power consumption

  • Optimized for area

  • Optimized for memory

  • Decode up to D1/HD resolutions

  • Single clock operation

  • Standard interfaces and DMA

  • Prototyped on FPGA


  • For video on Mobile phones, Handhelds

  • Cameras, Handy cam, security systems

  • Graphics cards, video processing

  • Play-stations, Mobile TV

  • HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVD players

  • video conferencing, video streaming



Product brief

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FV264 Product description                        

As a leading provider of software and hardware based H.264/AVC video solutions, FastVDO offers cost-effective and well-suited technology to our customers that enable them to achieve measurable improvements in their business performance.

Adding to our comprehensive range of leading video technology, FastVDO has developed a customizable ASIC IP for decoding H.264 compliant streams. DSPs and other processors are incapable of handling complex algorithms employed in H.264 and DSP based solutions support limited resolutions and consume lot of power. To overcome this problem, FastVDO has developed customizable ASIC IP that can be easily incorporated in any SOC or media processors. The core is customizable and is completely compliant to Baseline or main profile. The core has been prototyped on Xilinx Virtex4 based FPGA board for complete functionality.

salient features

  • Decoder Core is completely pipelined hardware architecture and does not use any processor or DSP cores.

  • Single S-RAM, SD-RAM or DDR-RAM required. Core can have independent or high speed shared memory

  • Synchronous single clocked design and low power architecture

  • Minimal processing required from host CPU. Core can be fully autonomous or stream can be fed through the host

  • Supports various resolutions from sub QCIF to HD; core is customizable to provide optimal performance in power consumption

  • Supports both entropy coding techniques (CAVLC and CABAC)

  • Supports all modes of intra and inter prediction techniques with up to quarter pixel interpolation

  • Supports interlace decoding and in loop de-blocking filter

  • IP core is prototyped on a Xilinx FPGA and provide real time verification of the decoder

  • Ideal for mobile processors, set-top boxes, handheld devices, media processors all low power and compact multimedia SOCs

  • FastVDO can extend design services and tool support for integration of the decoder IP core

FV264 Product specification  
Features Specifications


Baseline / Main


sub QCIF up to HD


up to CIF (352X288), 30 fps @ 12 MHz

up to D1 (NTSC/PAL), 30 fps @ 32 MHz

up to 720p (1280X720), 30fps @ 115 MHz

external memory

(no. of ref frames + 4) X frame size


on Xilinx Virtex4


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